Aug 29, 2015

Lets learn through sharing

written by ninja
Let's learn through sharing

So after figuring out that we had so much to say and that 150 characters wasn’t enough(I’m thinking that’s the number of characters allowed in twitter,correct me if am wrong),we decided to go for a blog.It’s still work in progress;apologies if the design is a bit sketchy.
Again,we must add a disclaimer.The first blog post-rather this blog post-does not contain much.It’s more of a welcome note to let everyone know that the blog is official.
Hope we will have fun and share because that is the best way to learn.
Expect an adventure;a journey through the world of technology,web design and development.And if you know nothing about the aforementioned,good.That means you are totally in the right place.
You will learn so much here(And we would love it if we learned from you as well),that the next time you meet just another “self-proclaimed developer or designer“,well lets just say he will be in for a rude shock.
So what to expect,well here are a couple of topics that over the next few beginning months we are going to be focusing on:

      1.Page speed:How to test your page speed,when to sacrifice your page speed and how to improve your site’s performance


      2.Why YouTube is not enough


      3.Understanding the fundamentals of design and development


    4.Frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap,Material Design,Code Igniter and others

I would’nt want to spoil the fun by mentioning everything,so stay stunned.